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Skype for Business Cloud Connector Edition (CCE) - Operation was unsuccessful (504 Server time-out)

Today I’m shedding light on the SIP 504 response status code while working with Skype for Business Online’s CloudPBX and Cloud Connector Edition (CCE). The “504 Server time-out” error is masked in the Skype for Business Client as “Operation was unsuccessful” during an outbound PSTN call.

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Client crash when selecting multiple voicemail messages in Skype for Business 2016

Just a quick blog post about a bug I ran into today with the Skype for Business 2016 client. While signed into a test account, I attempted to delete all the previous voicemail messages shown on the Phone/Dial Pad tab. Not really paying attention, I proceeded to click the first item, hold shift and select the last item. That was when all hell broke loose and the client became possessed and unresponsive. Task Manager to the rescue and able to reproduce time and time again, using on-premises or online accounts with Azure Voicemail or Exchange Unified Messaging.

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Dude where's my CSOnlineUM cmdlets?

Today while enabling a new Customer for CloudPBX, I ran into an issue using the New-CsOnlineUMDialplan cmdlet. The Skype for Business Online PowerShell Module returned “The term ‘New-CsOnlineUMDialplan’ is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script file, or operable program…”. This cmdlet is used to turn on the enhanced features of voicemail by enabling the client APIs when using Azure Voicemail.

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Earlier this month I blogged about the Session Details(Preview) in the Skype for Business Online admin portal, which can be found at: SFBO Session Details Preview a welcome addition to the portal! On the flip side I do prefer managing my tenants via PowerShell vs. hanging out in the browser. Here comes the Get-CSUserSession cmdlet. One thing to note is TechNet references a -StartDate parameter which actually should be -StartTime, I did submit this feedback back to Microsoft in July. The great thing about Get-CSUserSession is you also get access to Error Reports and Registration events that are not visible in the admin portal.

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Polycom VVX firmware 5.3+ will bypass Dial Plan normalization for 911 in Skype for Business and calls could fail

Hopefully the title of this blog has scared you into reading more and also testing in your own environment!

Today I was pulled into a support case where a client was testing 911 while switching sip providers, they discovered that the Skype for Business client was successful but the Polycom VVX would fail to make the all important call. Some more testing we found the VVX had no issues with other X11 calls like 411.

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Skype for Business Resource Forest: Issue with people I invite from my company still waiting in the lobby

I get the pleasure of working with a verity of Multi-Forest environments, today’s scenario is a hosted Skype for Business environment within a Resource Forest and leveraging Exchange Online. The design is similar to the documentation on TechNet for Configure a Multi-Forest Environment for Hybrid Skype for Business but without the Hybrid of Exchange or Skype for Business.

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