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Applying Lync Server Cumulative Updates, don't forget to update Monitoring Server Reports

When applying Lync Server (2010/2013) Cumulative Updates, one step that is often overlooked is updating the Monitoring Server Reports hosted on SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).

Looking at TechNet for both 2010/2013 there is no reference to update Lync Monitoring Server Reports:

Lync Server 2013 Monitoring Reports RTM Version: 5.0.8308**.0**:

To install the Monitoring Reports re-run the Deploy Monitoring Server Reports, this will overwrite the current reports with the latest version:

  1. As a member of the DomainAdmins group, log on to any server in the domain that has the cumulative update installed.
  2. Run the Lync Server Deployment Wizard.
  3. In the Deployment Wizard, click Deploy Monitoring Server Reports.
  4. On the Specify Monitoring Server page, specify the Monitoring server that will collect and store the CDR and QoE data if not already shown.
  5. On the Specify Monitoring Server wizard page, specify the instance of SQL Server Reporting Services that will publish the reports if not already shown.
  6. On the Specify Credential page, specify the user credentials that will be used to access the Monitoring Server store (QoEMetrics and LcsCDR databases).
  7. On the Specify Read-Only group page, specify the domain group that will be granted read-only access to the Monitoring reports.

Upgrade Monitoring Server Report:

Updated Lync Server 2013 Monitoring Reports CU1 Version: 5.0.8308**.291**:

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