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Unable to Lync Device Update Snom 7XX series phones via Edge

With the recent announcement: Snom IP Phones Deliver Out-of-the-Box Provisioning Speeds and Simplify Microsoft Lync Voice Deployments. I decided to setup Lync Device Update service for my Snom 760.

A quick check on the Lync Interop Programs shows the Snom 760 as compatible with Lync 2013 and Managed Updates supported:

Downloaded the firmware, imported and approved the update:

I found the 760 registered to our Lync 2013 environment via the Edge server but refused to attempt the firmware update, where as my Lync phone edition devices (Polycom cx600 and Aastra 6735) had no issue.

Reviewing the logs of the Snom 760 I found that the device detected “not registered locally, thus skipping update attempt”:

3/4/2013 08:45:31 [NOTICE] PHN: ProvUtils::UcSendFirmwareUpdateAvailableRequest: enabled: 1; url: ><; id: >camt@ILUMINARITECH.COM<
3/4/2013 08:45:31 [NOTICE] PHN: ProvUtils::UcSendFirmwareUpdateAvailableRequest: not registered locally, thus skipping update attempt!

A bug was opened with Snom support. _Internal Tracking ID is SCPP-482_5, This is for Snom use, yet will be referenced in the Release Notes to indicate the solution.


UC Edition Developer is speaking with Microsoft about the apparent requirement for authentication to retrieve the firmware file. Unfortunately, this means that external updates are not yet supported. However, the Development Team is pursuing the fix as a high priority

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