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Polycom UCS 5.0.0 BToE Installation

After seeing a tweet from Jeff Schertz about UCS 5.0.0 being available, I figured it was a good time to give it a try.

The following are the steps I used to install UCS 5.0.0 on a VVX 600 and pair using Better Together over Ethernet (BToE) with Lync 2013 client on Windows 8.
Note: VVX 600 was previously configured to register to Lync 2013 Server via Edge with my user account.

Jeff Schertz has a great blog talking about updated firmware on Polycom phones:

  1. Found the device IP from the phone: “Home” button, “Settings”, “Status”, “Network”, “TCP/IP Paramerters”, “IP: X.X.X.X”
  2. Accessed the Web Administration page using a web browser: https://X.X.X.X
  3. Login as Admin using default password “456”
  4. Backed up phone
  5. Software Upgrade - Polycom Hosted Server

    Polycom’s Hosted server doesn’t contain UCS 5.0.0, time to go Custom Server.
  6. Software Upgrade - Custom Server
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
* Check for Updates and Install using Custom Server  

* Device reboots and installs firmware
7. Install BToE Application * Connect PC to PC port on VVX * Run BToE Connector matching OS
* Reboot PC
* Launch BToE Connector (new icon on desktop)
* Error due to Active media running on PC, unplugged Plantronics P820-M
* Launched BToE Connector again, no error. Didn’t mind the Logitech BCC950 still connected.
8. Enable Pairing from device: “Home” button, “Settings”, “Features”, “BToE”, BToE (Disabled), Select “Enabled”, “Back” button, “BToE Pairing Status” , press “Pair”. Message - “Successfully Paired” * PC installs driver
* VVX Phone is shown as Primary Device in Lync
* Incoming/Outgoing calls to the VVX controlled by PC or device
9. Lync Status Menu via Web Admin page Update: 9/7/2013

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