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Snom Lync Call Park support 7xx

Integrating the Lync Call Park service on a Snom 7xx series phone.

Snom phones allow you to capture a screenshot of the device’s LCD screen by browsing to: http://phoneIP/screen.bmp

  • LCD Screen:

The 710 I received was shipped with UC firmware, which didn’t include the Call Park+Orbit Function:

Looking at the New Features & Fixes list ( ), Call Park support on the 7xx phones was added in and improved upon in

The 8.8.3.X Beta (BToE) firmware site doesn’t show a 710 version available for download, but there is a “snom710-UC-” on the download site. The 8.8.3.X firmware requires the Park+Orbit to be assigned to a function key.

  • Call comes in:
  • Call is answered:
  • Function key is pressed and Orbit info is displayed on screen:

Note: To retrieve a parked call the Orbit number must be dialed, repressing the function key will not retrieve the call.

I decided to deploy the current release version and found that the firmware adds the Park+Orbit to the LCD call handling options and does not require a programmed function key.

  • Call comes in:
  • Call is answered (Park O is shown on the LCD):
  • Park option is selected and Orbit info is displayed on screen:
  • Call is retrieved by keying in the Orbit number and displays who retrieved the call:
  • The display is updated if caller hangs up:

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