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Lync 2013 - High Performance App Sharing

After installing Lync Server 2013 Cumulative Update 3 - October 2013 (, the CSClientPolicy now exposes two new parameters for High Performance Application Sharing.

Looking at the Parameters for Set-CSClientPolicy on TechNet (

  • EnableHighPerformanceP2PAppSharing: “When set to True, allows a peer-to-peer application sharing session to exceed the maximum frame rate of 2.5 frames per second. The default value is False.”
  • EnableHighPerformanceConferencingAppSharing: “When set to True, enables high performance application sharing in conferences. This improves the performance of application sharing, but, at the same time, means fewer resources are available to other processes.”

Enable High Performance functionality:

Peer to Peer Desktop sharing of a YouTube video, both clients external via Edge (start both videos below at the same time to compare).

  • EnableHighPerformanceP2PAppSharing: False (Default)
  • EnableHighPerformanceP2PAppSharing: True

With High Performance enabled the frame rate differences were noticeable, video playback was more fluid. Keep in mind bandwidth implications with turning on High Performance Application Sharing. Our internal testing saw client bandwidth fluctuate between 2 and 7 Mbps.

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