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Lync 2013 SBA Front-End service fails to start

During a recent project deploying SBAs for Lync 2013, I came across an issue where the Lync Front-End service would not start.

The SBA was an AudioCodes Mediant 1000 SBA running version

Going through the Deployment Web GUI, the error would occur at “Start MCS Services”

Looking at the Deployment Log, the Front-End (RTCSRV) service would timeout.

Connecting to the SBA using RDP and reviewing Event logs showed:

  • System Event Log with Event ID: 7024
  • Lync Server Event Log with Event ID: 50006
  • Application Event Log with Event ID: 1000
  • Windows Fabric Admin Event Log with Event ID: 2564

The root issue was the Windows Fabric service would not stay running and seemed to be corrupt in the SBA image.

To Repair the Window Fabric Component:

  1. Stop Lync Services
  2. Remove Windows Fabric application
  3. Don’t Restart
  4. Install Windows Fabric *** C:SourcesWindowsFabric
  5. Restart Windows
  6. Confirm Windows Fabric Service starts
  7. Confirm all the Lync Services start *** Lync Server Front_end will take a while to go from Starting to Start

Looking at TechNet, the same issue was reported with an OfficeMaster SBA from Ferrari Electronic:

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