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Test-IPV (Internet Point of View) PowerShell GUI

Test-IPV is a PowerShell script leveraging the LyncValidator back-end Web Services APIs ( ) to provide an Internet Point of View collection of tests. Commands run from console or GUI wrapper. Although leveraging the LyncValidator APIs, this tool is not exclusive to testing Lync.

Video Demos:

  • Test-IPV GUI
  • Test-IPV Console


  • Port Checker: Testing of TCP and UDP services.
  • DNS Checker: Testing of A and SRV records.
  • Certificate Validation: Checks based on custom API from designed for the project.
  • Office Web Apps Server Validation: Tests if the Web Application Open Platform Interface (WOPI) could be found.
  • Lync External Scan: Scans standard SRV & A Records to enumerate additional DNS, Ports, OWAS and certificates.


  • Test-IPV without parameters will launch GUI
  • Requires PowerShell v3 or greater
  • Requires Internet Connectivity
  • Not limited to Lync
  • Script is Code Signed using DigiCert
  • LyncValidator Web Services API Demo Key is not currently set to expire but is subject to change. Location:[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\RealTimeUC\LyncValidator] APIKey (String)

Download: Test-IPV:

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