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Call Recording Pro Review

Call Recording Pro for Skype for Business was released from Landis Technologies this week.

Call Recording Pro is an easy to implement client side call recording application that has the same look and feel as the Skype for Business client. Call Recording Pro enables on-demand or automatic call recording with upload capabilities to OneDrive and application settings can be controlled via Group Policies.

Call Recorder Pro can be found at:
Price: $1800USD for a 10 user license pack + first year support.
The trial download will require registration for a 30 day key.

Call Monitor Pro is Landis Technologies’ Skype for Business features platform and Call Recording Pro is an enabled feature within this framework. When downloading the trial you’ll actually be installing the Call Monitor Pro application.

After downloading the ~5 MB file, run the callmonitorpro1.0.0.0.msi setup (requires administrative rights).
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Launch Call Recording Pro from the desktop icon.

First launch will indicate “Registration to Avoid 30 Second Call Limit”. In my testing without registration, calls did not terminate at 30 seconds but the Recording feature was unavailable.

Clicking the registration button will prompt for contact info.

Settings Menus:

Recording from call monitor window:

System Tray context menu:


  • Call Recording Pro functions as advertised and 1 minute install
  • I was able to auto record a Skype for Business call without interaction as well as on-demand recording
  • Recording file name control is slick
  • Automatic uploading to cloud storage for review is simple to configure
  • Access to advanced call controls in monitor window (Caller, Picture, Record, Duration, Hold, Park, Transfer, Mute, Disconnect)
  • Shortcut keys (Answer, Hold, Retrieve, Disconnect, Park, Blind Transfer, Focus, Dial, Recording)
  • Concerned about CPU usage, my testing returned 15-18% CPU usage during a recorded call
  • Calls are recorded in WAV format, would like to see MP3
  • Would like to see an option to change recording cache folder location
  • On-demand recording only works with the Skype for Business client and not other voice communications software
  • Would like to see an option to play a message on record due to any legal and consent requirements. Example “This call is being recorded”.

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