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Earlier this month I blogged about the Session Details(Preview) in the Skype for Business Online admin portal, which can be found at: SFBO Session Details Preview a welcome addition to the portal! On the flip side I do prefer managing my tenants via PowerShell vs. hanging out in the browser. Here comes the Get-CSUserSession cmdlet. One thing to note is TechNet references a -StartDate parameter which actually should be -StartTime, I did submit this feedback back to Microsoft in July. The great thing about Get-CSUserSession is you also get access to Error Reports and Registration events that are not visible in the admin portal.

Figuring that it has been a while since my last PowerShell GUI script, Get-CSUserSession seemed right for the picking. Hence today’s release of Get-CSUserSessionGUI which can be found on the TechNet Gallery.

Script Download: Get-CSUserSessionGUI.ps1

Get-CSUserSessionGUI is a PowerShell GUI script that connects to your Skype for Business Online tenant to run Get-CSUserSession queries. This will allow you to retrieve user session information within a specified period. Ideal for troubleshooting Cloud PBX or other Skype for Business Online modalities.


  • Double clicking a line item will copy row into clipboard
  • Keyboard press of “+” will expand all child rows under current selection
  • Keyboard press of “-” will collapse the selected row and child items
  • “Export All” button will save all rows to specified text file

A prerequisite for the script is the Skype for Business Online Windows PowerShell Module:

Once launching Get-CSUserSessionGUI, click “Connect to SFBO” and enter in your Skype for Business Online credentials.

After the script connects, it will take a few moments to populate the “SIP Address” drop-down based on the number of users configured in the tenant. Took about 45 seconds for 4000 users in my testing. Now with the list populated, select the desired user. You can speed up the process by typing the first letter of the user’s address.

Selecting the “Duration” will determine how much time from the current time to search for User Session data.

Clicking “Submit” will run the crafted search and populate a TreeView with the results. Clicking the “+” next to a line will expand a single item, alternatively pressing “+” on the keyboard will expand all sub items under the selected item. Clicking the “-” next to a line will collapse the selected item, alternatively pressing “-” on the keyboard will collapse all sub items under the selected item.

Double clicking an item will copy the highlighted item to the clipboard, there is extra logic for double clicking a “DiagnosticHeader..” line and the row will be formatted for better viewing into the clipboard.

The “Export All” button will prompt for a file to save all rows and sub items.

Script Download: Get-CSUserSessionGUI.ps1

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