Set-CsMeetingRoom unable to set Line URI when leveraging CCE for PSTN

By | December 17, 2017

Over the last year a handful of clients have requested assistance around configuring the Line URI for Meeting Rooms in Skype for Business Online when using Cloud Connector Edition (CCE) and Microsoft Phone System. Running the Set-CsMeetingRoom cmdlet with the -lineuri parameter, will greet you with a nice “Unable to set “LineURI”. This parameter is restricted with Remote Tenant PowerShell” error.

Unlike Set-CsUser, you will also notice the Set-CsMeetingRoom cmdlet does not have an OnPremLineURI parameter.

A report of this issue for Hybrid can be found on TechNet fourms:

So how does one enable a Line URI for a Meeting Room? Well, that depends if your sip domain identity is Federated/Synchronized or Cloud.

Update: An excellent tip from Damien Margaritis, who also was working on a similar issue recently; You can set the onpremlineuri via Set-CsUser prior to making the account a room account (Enable-CsMeetingRoom). Of course the accounts I was working with had already been configured as a room, the suggestion was to run Disable-CsMeetingRoom, configure the onpremlineuri and enable it again. I’m still holding out for the onpremlineuri to be added to Set-CsMeetingRoom.

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