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Event Zero - Dossier for Lync Essentials (Part 3)

This is a multi-part article that goes through the Dossier for Lync product suite from Event Zero. If you would like to read the other parts in this series please go to:

The Dossier for Lync product suite allows environments using Microsoft Lync to gain in depth insight into the way Lync is being used in real time within an organization.

Dossier for Lync Essentials assists organizations to understand usage patterns and costs from the use of Microsoft Lync by providing an organization wide, real time, continuously updated usage database for Lync activity, insight and cost accounting.

  • Dashboard:
  • Session Overview:
  • Quality:
  • Adoption:
  • Modality Usage:
  • Active Calls Wallboard:
  • Recent Call Log:
  • Recent Conference Log:
  • View All Voip Calls:
  • View All Conferences:
  • View All Phone Numbers:
  • Response Code:
  • View All Power Lists for Voip Calls:
  • View All Power Lists for Phone Numbers:
  • View All Power Lists for Phone Numbers:
  • Report Center:
  • Lync Voice Power View:
  • Call Summary Details:
  • Search:
  • Dossier for Lync Essentials videos:
    • Call Statistics:
    • Overview:
    • Communications Timeline:
    • Advanced Call Flow Analysis:

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