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By | September 17, 2014

While rolling out snom IP phones for a recent Lync enterprise voice deployment, I needed a way to control a phone while working remotely. Snom’s FAQ: provides details on this built-in functionality using the snom phone’s Web User Interface: and command.htm to simulate key presses.

After entering a few control commands into a browser and monitoring the phone’s display with my Get-snomScreen PowerShell GUI: I figured there must be a better way!

Invoke-snomControl.ps1 is a PowerShell GUI script which allows remote control of a snom IP phone. Script is Code Signed using DigiCert.

  • Connect: Enter the snom phone’s web user interface information, select zoom level, reload interval and click start.
    • Requires network connectivity from computer running script to snom phone’s IP.
    • Account used to authenticate to web interface requires Admin mode on:
    • Recommend testing access to web interface prior to setting reload interval, reload set to “none” will make a single connection.
    • All parameters except reload interval can be adjusted while running.
    • Not limited to phones registered to Lync.
    • Includes the ability to reboot phone.



  • Control: Using a mouse or keyboard to simulate phone’s keypad and a few function/feature keys.
    • Captures Keyboard: number, enter and delete keys. Sending the correct button command to the phone.
    • Changing focus to Control tab or pressing control buttons will invoke a single snom phone display refresh, set reload interval on Connect tab for best experience.
    • Commands:
      • Soft Keys 1-4
      • Programmable Function keys 1-6
      • Number Pad
      • Navigation Pad
      • Voice Mail
      • Confirm/Enter
      • Cancel/End
      • Do Not Disturb
      • Directory Lookup
      • Menu
      • Transfer
      • Hold
      • Redial
      • Mute
      • Volume Up/Down
      • Speaker
      • Headset


  • Info: Snom phone system information (Firmware/MAC/IP/Uptime/Identities/Ethernet & PC Port Status)
    • Changing focus to Info tab will invoke a single connection to snom phone to pull specific data.
    • Capture/Display data from http(s)://phoneIP/info.htm


  • Settings: Snom phone settings
    • Changing focus to Settings tab will invoke a single connection to snom phone to pull specific data.
    • Capture/Display data from http(s)://phoneIP/settings.htm


  • Identities: Snom phone identities (Line ID/Sip URI/Active/Registration State/Presence)
    • Changing focus to Identities tab will invoke a single connection to snom phone to pull specific data.
    • Identities tab will refresh with connect reload interval if tab is currently active.
    • Capture/Display data from http(s)://phoneIP/state_of_identity.htm


  • Media: Snom phone media statistics (Channels/Stats/Errors/Jitter/Loss)


  • Tool Tip: Graphic buttons on Connect and Control tabs include mouse hover tool tips explaining function.



Snom phone models tested ( ):

  • 300, 710, 720, 760, 821, 870

Download: Invoke-snomControl:

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  2. Jeffrey Vermeulen

    Hi there, this is a really nice peace of scripting. im trying to deploy this in my company but i need some changes in the script, and i can’t get through with it.

    i want to add a texbox so users can copy and paste a phonenumber in the textbox and use this textbox to call the number. i have added the textbox but now i need to use it to read the phonenumber and dail the number.. can you please assist me with that part? cuz i really don’t know where he confirm the number you dailed with the numpad



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