Client crash when selecting multiple voicemail messages in Skype for Business 2016

By | April 17, 2017

Just a quick blog post about a bug I ran into today with the Skype for Business 2016 client. While signed into a test account, I attempted to delete all the previous voicemail messages shown on the Phone/Dial Pad tab. Not really paying attention, I proceeded to click the first item, hold shift and select the last item. That was when all hell broke loose and the client became possessed and unresponsive. Task Manager to the rescue and able to reproduce time and time again, using on-premises or online accounts with Azure Voicemail or Exchange Unified Messaging.

Tested on:

  • 16.0.8105.1000
  • 16.0.7927.1017
  • 16.0.7830.1018

For your viewing pleasure:

Feel free to leave a comment with the client version if able to reproduce.

2 thoughts on “Client crash when selecting multiple voicemail messages in Skype for Business 2016

  1. soder

    I wonder if MSFT does any testing before publishing any of their software nowadays? Oh, I must be stupid as I almost forgot.. they fired their whole Q&A team 3 years ago! So now its the uninformed “insiders” who do the job (=you and me, literally). Crap quality, thats what we get from MSFT since the 2012-ish era, thats clearly visible. And not saying this just because of this single bug! Even the SFB client is full of those amateurish (and even worse, re-appearing) bugs, that were never there in the Lync2010-ish times!

    1. mlamontagne Post author

      I’ll agree that the Lync 2010 client just always worked, clean and simple. Different times now with MSFT and their rapid release cycles. Don’t think any Q&A team could keep up. That being said, at least now when a bug is reported, you know it’s going to be squashed in short order VS. years in a MSI world. Under 24 hours MSFT confirmed my findings and passed the details to the appropriate team to address.


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