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ThinkTel Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams

Direct Routing, the ability to provide third-party PSTN to Microsoft Teams is now in Public Preview. The official announcement can be found on Tech Community: SESSION BORDER CONTROLLERS (SBC). Arrange to work with one of our partners who are being certified for Direct Routing. Due to the criticality of Enterprise Voice, Microsoft has been working closely with these partners to ensure compatibility. These vendors are in process and plan to have their SBC certification complete at the time of General Availability.

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The Tale of Migrating from WordPress to a Static Site in Azure

A little over a month ago this blog went through a forced migration from one web hosting provider to another due to an acquisition. WordPress data migrated successfully and some of the other sites I host came up without issue. previously had a dedicated IP, which allowed me to force HTTPS and bring my own certificate. During the migration the site was placed under a shared IP that apparently was directing all HTTPS requests to some professional cleaning and restoration company.

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Set-CsHybridMediationServer failure in Skype for Business Online

In-order to escalate a PSTN call from Microsoft’s Cloud Connector Edition (CCE) to a conference in Microsoft’s Audio Conferencing for Skype for Business Online, a Hybrid Mediation Server must be created for each CCE. Configure online hybrid Mediation Server Settings When a P2P call is escalated to a PSTN conference, the Skype for Business Online conferencing server will send an invite to the Cloud Connector Mediation Server. To ensure that Office 365 can route this invite successfully, you need to configure a setting in your online tenant for each Cloud Connector Mediation Server as follows:

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Building your own Azure Function Twitter connector for Microsoft Flow to allow user mentions

While working on a Microsoft Flow to automate some tweeting for the O365Eh! Podcast, I ran into a known restriction when using @mention in the available Twitter connector. Mentioning an @user while posting a tweet is not supported. Specifically, the “@” characters will be stripped while posting a tweet. - I run this podcast with 3 other Canadian MVPs and the goal of this flow was to link to all our Twitter accounts.

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Processing Azure Voicemail Messages with Microsoft Flow

I first looked a Microsoft Flow & Azure Logic Apps about a year ago to handle Skype for Business Online’s CloudPBX/Phone System voicemail distribution: Auto forward Azure Voicemail messages. It’s critical to understand that Azure Voicemail unlike Exchange Unified Messaging, deposits messages directly into a user’s mailbox via OAuth and Exchange Web Services (EWS) vs. sending by SMTP. Basically you can kiss Outlook/Exchange mail forwarding rules goodbye. I’ve been revisiting Flow & Logic Apps lately as I automate business processes around the upcoming release of Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams (Direct Routing enables new enterprise voice options in Microsoft Teams).

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Set Office 365 Domain Purpose via Admin Center

In June 2016, I blogged about the fact that in the new Admin Center (preview at the time) a simple “DNS Check” from the portal would actually change the enabled domain purpose/capabilities with no way to disable without a support ticket: Office 365 domain purpose changing without modifying domain settings. Over the last few weeks, I’ve noticed in random tenants a new “Choose your online services” screen for Domains under Setup.


Microsoft Teams Desktop: Personal Apps are stuffed into an iframe and might not load

Microsoft announced on January 29, 2018, new features for Microsoft Teams which included Personal App space and the Store: Excited that this announcement could finally put the end to my reliance on Outlook and allow Teams to be my single communications app, I headed to the Store. A bit shocked at what I found, there was no Personal App entry for Mail. Sure there was Microsoft Apps for Flow, OneNote, Planner and Stream, but not even the Website app that is available in the add tab under a channel.

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Unable to purchase Communication Credits add-on when sourcing Office 365 licensing from a CSP Partner

Communications Credits (the add-on formally known as PSTN Consumption), is a subscription add-on to the Microsoft Phone System and/or Audio Conferencing license, enabling the ability to: Acquire Toll-Free numbers to use with Audio Conferencing meetings, Auto Attendants, or Call Queues. *Calls are billed per minute and require a positive Communications Credits balance. Dial out from an Audio Conferencing meeting to add someone else from anywhere in the world or your mobile phone with the Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams app installed.

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Get-CSUserSessionDomains: Extract a list of domains used in communication from Skype for Business Online user session data

Get-CSUserSessionDomains is a PowerShell script leveraging the Get-CSUserSession cmdlet in Skype for Business Online to extract a list of unique domains used in communication from user session data. The Get-CSUserSession cmdlet exposes session details for Registration/IM/Audio/Conference/Video, unlike the Skype for Business Online Admin Portal corresponding tools. Get-CSUserSessionDomains which can be found on the TechNet Gallery. Script Download: Get-CSUserSessionDomains.ps1 A few items to note when working with the base Get-CSUserSession cmdlet:

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Get-O365UsageReports: Use Graph to pull all Office 365 Usage Reports to Excel

In December 2017, the new Microsoft Graph reporting APIs were announced:, also in this announcement was the deprecation of the Office 365 Reporting Web Service: ConnectionbyClientType ConnectionbyClientTypeDetail CsActiveUser CsAVConferenceTime CsP2PAVTime CsConference CsP2PSession GroupActivity MailboxActivity GroupActivity MailboxUsage MailboxUsageDetail StaleMailbox StaleMailboxDetail) Details on working with the Office 365 Usage reports via v1.0 API in Microsoft Graph: Details on working with the Office 365 Usage reports via beta API in Microsoft Graph: https://developer.

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